LBL(Luxury Beauty Lounge)
Passing on the best management knowhow for running luxurious beauty salon upper class customers
Export Korean service culture to China
Our aim is to pile up credibility with Chinese high class customers
Find Chinese franchise partners
Program Introduction
[ Support for shop opening ]
Education and job training, Interior design, Export of Korean products, Technology,
Management support, You can open a shop without any previous experience
After formal contract
  • Semi permanent make-up (eyebrow, eye line, lips and hairline)
  • Passing on MTS skin care technique + various equipment
  • Passing on Korean style make-up technique + various equipment
  • Passing on eyelash Extention technique + various equipment
  • Passing on skin care technique using high qualify esthetic machine + various equipment
  • Passing on waxing technique + various equipment
  • Passing on Korean make-up technique using Korean cosmetic products + various equipment
  • Passing on nail art technique + various equipment
Business Mission : messenger of Korean beauty
Business Prospect: Grow up to be influential company in the industry
Business Spirit: Share profit with society
Core Value: Interact with other people wholeheartedly
Core Philosophy: Complete beauty with love
Please consult with us for more detailed information
MOZERO (depilation laser machine)


808nm 파장의 다이오드 레이저 모제로는 표피와 주위조직에 대한 손상없이
모낭에 열을 가하여 모발의 손상을 억제하는 레이저입니다.
통증없이 빠른시간내에 쉽고 편리하게 제모할 수 있습니다.

- HR Mode : Hair Removal
- ST Mode : Skin Tightening
- Continuous, Pulse Wave
- Large spot size : 14 x 5.5 mm
- 0°C Water chill Cooling
- Optical guide : Sapphire Crystal
- Dimension : 250*770*680 mm


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